Gloria Bode

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Gloria came to Faulkton to teach high school science in 1971. She married her husband, Glenn, in 1974.They have three grown sons and farm east of Faulkton.  She taught science and math in the Faulkton School System for 33 years and was active in local, state, and national education organizations.  She was the local coordinator for a National Science Foundation grant bringing over $100,000 to our school system for furthering math and science education.   She served on the Faulk County Hospital Board in the late eighties and early nineties and is an active member in her church having taught religious education and served as an officer in church organizations.  After retiring from teaching, Gloria served as the coordinator for the Faulkton Area Medical Center Foundation helping to secure $1,000,000 to build a new hospital and clinic facility.  She recently served as a member of the building committee to develop plans for the new junior high/high school currently under construction.  She retired in 2019 from serving for 12 years as the St. Thomas Parish secretary.  Gloria has always believed in the potential for Faulkton, whether it is the school system, our health facilities, or the community in general and continues to work to further improve our community.

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